Mum: Sticking to this diet for a month will get the doctor off your back.

Pumpkin: And it’s hard to dance with a doctor on your back.

Monastic Extravagance

Q. Which of these is not valued by monasticism:

A) prayer and work;

B) community and service; or

C) luxury and leisure?


Uh…. C) luxury and leather!

Who needs a manicure anyway?

I was aghast at the decrepit state of my fingernails- the effect of continual slamming on the ivories (no tickling here) so I lamented to my brothers in general, “Just look at my fingernails.”

Junior (6) came right up and put his arms around me.  A little surprised, I asked him why he had done that- I had wanted him to look at my nails.

“Oh.” he said. “I thought you said ‘hugs for females.”

Send me the answer to this one…

Junior, while drawing a variety of weapons and artillery, asked me how to spell ‘missile.’  Not having seen the artwork he was doing, I had to check which kind of missal/missile he was referring to.  Then I pointed out to him that both words came from the same origin- the Latin mittere– to send.  The projectile’s relationship with the word is obvious enough; the name of the book comes from the Latin name of the Mass, Missa, which in turn comes from the priest’s words at the end, “Ite missa est,” roughly translated as “This is the sending.”

When I had got done explaining this, he asked if there was a similar connection between the words cannon and canon.  Alas, I have failed to find this one!

(Almost) Christmas in the Music Building

Today they put up the Christmas tree in the main lobby of the music building where I ‘live.’ One of my classmates had the brilliant idea of taking one of our pianos (the one that we’re trying to sell) out into the lobby to play carols while the tree was being decorated. It was one of those occasions that just happens unpremeditated.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, you aren't as tall as we thought you'd be.

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