How Not to Build a Wood Oven in Your Backyard

This is how I built my wood-fired bread oven in my (rental- shh!) backyard.  Now I just have to wait for my forearm splint to heal (thanks to being unaccustomed to doing masonry) before I can build a metal birdcage and use some actual cement to put the top back on.  At least the bread that was meant to be baked in there turned out well enough in the electric oven that I’ll be able to eat for the next few weeks!


3 thoughts on “How Not to Build a Wood Oven in Your Backyard

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  1. You should have gone bought your self a cheap bag of sand mortar mix (wait for the mortar to set up completely)

    1. Yes, I suppose I could have. One of the guys at work has promised me a bag of refractory(?) cement- some high-temperature cement, anyway. And I’m getting some steel wire stuff too- about three or four times the thickness of a clothes hanger.

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