Some Liturgical Lightheadedness

I told this joke at the dinner table. It was followed by the ensuing conversation.

The bishop was coming to certain parish, so the pastor pulled out all the stops in his effort to impress the prelate.  In the middle of the Mass a liturgical dancer whirled up the center aisle as the bishop sat in the presider’s chair.  After the show the priest leaned over and whispered to him,

“Well, what did you think?”  The bishop replied,

“If she asked for your head on a platter she’d have it.”


“Liturgical dancing isn’t liturgical.”

“What about what Africans do?”

“That’s not dancing. It’s bouncing when they walk because they’re African.”

“That’s not liturgical dancing.  That’s called liturgical bouncing.”

“Liturgical bouncing is what ushers do.”

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