When I was a little boy…

“When I was a little boy and had a runny nose my dad took a rake and took me out to the garden and taught me how to use a rake. By the time he was done teaching me to rake I was sweating so much that my nose stopped running, and my dad said, ‘let that be a lesson to you.’

That year we had a really really big pumpkin patch. It was really big but there were no pumpkins in it because the rabbits dug holes in it and the pumpkins fell in. The mother rabbit had dug the holes and the baby rabbits in the holes thought the mother would come back and get them but she didn’t. So they had to eat pumpkin from the time there were little baby bunnies. Then in the fall they popped through the pumpkins. The pumpkins were soft by this time because there had been a snow on October 32nd. When the rabbits came through they had teeth like pumpkin teeth- sharp and orange.

Then they dragged a straw bale into the pumpkin patch and brought the straw under the pumpkin leaves. They built themselves a little house. It was really well insulated.

But now I can’t tell you any more because when I’m telling you a story Sparky can’t work. She has to listen to the story.”

“No! She’s working.”

“She’s writing the story.”

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